How to really find your DREAM JOB


how to really find your dream job.png

The dream job seeker

Everyone dreams of that perfect blend of working hard, using your gifts and strengths well, and being rewarded for it both verbally and monetarily…or is that just me? Growing up, I learned to seek that “perfect fit” job that would satisfy my career longings: success, satisfaction, and confidence in what I did. But over the course of many years of experience in various roles, the truth set in.

Learn, grow, move forward

Sometimes faithfulness through hard experiences is how we learn and grow. Sometimes it takes hard experiences and difficult careers to help us learn what we enjoy and don’t enjoy so we can make a better career decision with the next opportunity. And always, our jobs will have aspects and seasons that we enjoy or don’t enjoy quite as much.

Career advice

Don’t believe the dream job lie that you can’t take a job unless it’s the perfect pay and the perfect situation for your strengths and personality. To find your dream job, you must realize that a job is not paradise, and that every job has its ups and downs. Which ups and downs are you most suited for? You will discover this through experience. So try as many things as possible! Say yes to opportunities. Give 100%. Be faithful in what you DO have. And pay attention so you can make the next career decision with confidence when the situation arises.

How to have a rewarding job…

Your dream job is not paradise, but it can be incredibly rewarding when you are putting in the work, accomplishing goals, and focusing on the good. Be grateful, be faithful, work hard, play hard, and rest hard.