Hi! I’m Lydia.

As a young adult, I struggled in my health and direction in life. Through embracing everything that comes my way and learning to live fully no matter what the circumstances, I’ve learned how to encourage other young adult women as they’re facing new challenges in their wellness, business, and life direction.

My challenges with depression, anxiety, adrenal fatigue (aka: HPA axis dysregulation), job burnout, stress overwhelm, and lack of vision, ambition, and direction for the future, have inspired me to help young women on the same journey.

These struggles propelled me to learn everything possible about entrepreneurship and business, as well as research nutrition and become a Certified Life Coach, Nutritional Therapy Consultant and Culinary Nutrition Expert. I love supporting others in reaching their fullest potential in wellness, business, and life. This is accomplished through my proprietary UPGRADE YOUR WELLNESS and UPGRADE YOUR LIFE AND BUSINESS packages.

Let’s get started!

How can I help you THRIVE and live every day with AMBITION?